• WINTER PROGRAM 2017- 2018
    4 oct - 21 dec: muscle training and warm-up in swimming pool
    20 oct: Ski - Halloween Party
    7-10 Dec 2017: Grand Winter Season Opening. Breuil-Cervinia (Italy)
    15 Dec: Christmas Dinner
    13 Jan: One-day Ski Trip
    26-27 Jan: Weekend in Chalet
    17-24 Feb: Gay Ski Week in Kirchberg in Tirol (Austria)
    11 Mar: One-day Ski Trip
    23-25 Mar: Winter Season Closing: Courmayeur (Italy)
    7-10 DECEMBER 2017
    17 - 24 FEBRUARY 2018
    23-25 MARCH 2018

Who we are

A few years ago, Sci.G. was started by a group of friends with a shared passion for the mountains. The wish to socialize, the desire to have fun together without preconceptions and barriers and the interest for skiing, are the spirit that has guided us these years in the organization of many of our activities, like daytime ski outings, weekends in the snow, ski weeks, summer trekking.

You don't have to be expert skiers to participate in our activities; there are some that ski really well, others a little less so and there is never a lack of beginners. We don't have any instructors or group captains; everyone skis at their own level and rhythm. Every summer we organize cultural outings, excursions and weekends at the beach.

The club is open to anyone who shares in the spirit, without any regard to sex, race, religion, political opinions and sexual orientation.

Our history

The Sci.G. club was started on the 16th of December 1998 at the headquarters of the Arcigay of Milan, then located on Via Torricelli, from an inspiration by the president and founder Massimo Giacometti. Thus, together with Adriano, Oberdan, Fabrizio and Andrea, the club was signed into being. The idea was that practicing a sport would become a motivation for getting together, for dialog and confrontation, for all those who recognize diversity as a source of enrichment.

Get in touch

  • Via Bezzecca, 3
       MI - 20135 (ITALIA)
  • Telefono: +39 342-6766320
  • Email: info@scigay.it


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